Ch 1 Websites - Real Numbers

1-1 Sets of NumbersInterval NotationInterval to Set Builder NotationPractice: subsets of real #s

1-2 Properties of Real Numbers**10.1.2.K3
Property introProperty practiceMatchingFlashcards

1-3 Square RootsEasy practiceEasy practice: gamesHow to...rationalize the denominatorHow to...simplify square roots

1-4 Simplifying Algebraic ExpressionsSubstitution practiceMore substitution practice

1-5 Properties of ExponentsSimplifying exponentsWorking with negative exponents

1-6 Relations and FunctionsJeopardy: do NOT do "Composition of Functions"

1-7 Function NotationGame

1-8 Exploring TransformationInfo only

1-9 Introduction to Parent FunctionsParent Function grapher