Chapter 1 Algebraic Reasoning

1-1 Numbers and Patterns
Game 1Game 2Game 3

1-2 ExponentsExponent basektballExponents1Exponents2

1-3 Metric MeasurementsConversion game

1-4 Applying ExponentsGames

1-5 Order of OperationsGame 1Flashcards, games, practice

1-6 PropertiesProperty introProperty practiceMatchingFlashcards

1-7 Variables and Algebraic Expressions
lesson (top of page only)
game: substitute number in for variable
Millionaire game  

1-8 Translate Words into MathTranslate to algebraic expressionsflashcards (match word phrases to algebraic expressions)
matching game

1-9 Simplifying Algebraic ExpressionsBattleship (combine like terms)

1-10 Equations and Their SolutionsEquations practice

1-11/1-12 Addition/Subtraction/Multiply/Divide EquationsInteractive Practice: includes decimals
Solving interactive gameRags to Riches gameAdding/Subtracting practiceMultiplying/Dividing practiceGame with Kiwi